“Project Sansar Won’t Eat Second Life”

In response to this quite amusing and cute post i have decided to take in and respond to this article explaining on how the cannibal effect and/or ratio will not take place between SL and Sansar. Yes, i know it seems stupid for someone to use the term “cannibal effect” but moralistic opinions are what makes people different. Now, a few points made in this article shows how some people show that they have an abundance of little or no knowledge of how some things work in the virtual and real world. It becomes clear to them that they think their “company” will succeed and that anything is in range of being a slight bit better then most realistic points. Like i said, the points made in this article i found are kind of pointless and prove that nothing comes to mind of sharp thinking and a visualization of superiority. This is and has always been LL’s way and will not change.

“There seems to be a concern in some quarters that Linden Lab’s Project Sansar is poised to eat Linden Lab’s Second Life. I’m not quite sure where this concern stems from and that’s before we mention that Linden Lab have another product; Blocksworld, which people don’t pay much attention to in terms of eating too much of the Linden Lab pie.”

Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this. There are doubts about your failure to launch and to run a website in 2015 because in 2015 people don’t use Second Life. They are gaming like real people and they are using sites like Xbox and Minecraft and Playstation. They don’t want VR anymore they want to be able to play proper games on PC and/or console. So the point becomes that you aren’t puling any more traffic in that you already have. Sure, you pull in a few thousand but a majority of them aren’t the young people of this generation. They are old people who have either used this kind of stuff or just don’t know how to play games, thus-fore people losing interest in it.

Your game becomes a flop, people don’t find any use. You lose funding, and the whole world around you crumbles. Welcome to the business world. It’s a hard one but you have been around far too much to be a thing of the future anymore. Sorry to say.

“Yes, Project Sansar is the project that Linden Lab have most employees working on, yes it’s new and shiny, yes it will tie in better with HMD’s than Second Life does. None of this means that Second Life will be swallowed by the Project Sansar shark. A lot of the current concern seems to stem from the recent Lab Chat and a question from long time Second Life resident and all round good guy”

Yes, ooh this one is my favorite.  Yes, we spent millions on something we have no idea about or weather it will succeed or flop. Regardless, it won’t matter to us anyway if we lose out on this Sansar we can always go back to our other failure SL. Why are people still using SL? Well, it isn’t all VR related and people can play it without needing any special software. Also,  it is FREE did we mention it is free? That is why a percentage of people play. FREE 3D gaming. Except for the whole exasperation of paying for land, items and so on which is kind of a down side.

There is free stuff but alot of it is generally crappy and downgraded from the old version of SL and will more then likely not fit your avatar. You  know why? Cause that’s how they make the money/credits. They start making it an addition where if you get this free item and you want it to work properly you can but the premium version. Typical and basic marketing tactics thus used in RL and virtual racketeering.

“Now there are a couple of ways of looking at this. One is that it seems that Project Sansar is seen to eat Second Life whole and not spit anything out, or you can look at it in terms of Second Life being in a slow decline and inevitably going to struggle to stay relevant in a fast changing market where Virtual Reality comes to the fore and can’t breathe in Second Life’s atmosphere. The former seems to spell the end of the virtual world of Second Life as we know it, whereas the latter offers hope that those who don’t jump on the hype train will still have somewhere to play. I favour and fully believe in the latter scenario.”

Oh, you mean the terms where you say if anything is uploaded onto our servers it straight away become ours? The terms where if you spend money and are terminated from services randomly you don’t get a refund? We just spit you out. Yeah, I have seen this one too. I can guarantee that the terms here will be an exact replica from the SL terms. Which is why it will more then likely flop. No assumptions you just see this done so much to a point where you can actually predict it. Companies like LL just make it easy to predict such a nature. And the whole “spitting out and giving nothing” moralistic nature of the “point” is that if we fail we don’t care we do nothing and you get nothing back.

Easy to say LL haven’t focused on what’s important. The lack of customers and the property of maintaining your relationship with your customer. Nobody cares or cared. As soon as the original CEO split it all went to hell which is why they are moving to a new version of SL. Funny that they mention so many things the same time.

“Second Life is not a Virtual Reality world, it has lasted for over fifteen years without people needing to put on a HMD and immerse themselves in a VR universe, in short, Second Life is not the VR droids you are looking for and has a very healthy user base that no sensible company are going to turn away until it makes absolutely no sense to keep them around. That day is nowhere near here.”

No it isn’t. But you have pushed VR into it some how and are trying to push SL users into it so much that you have made Sansar a VR only grid. Which kind of makes it obvious of your many blunders. Blunders that could of been predicted but wasn’t. You are obviously making it obvious that it’s slowly becoming a game as the content genre is in the range of “VR gaming” and “PC gaming”. You just fail to admit it. Like most companies won’t admit as they have such a shame in labeling anything in that that are a disgraceful piece of software that has gone nowhere.

“The future of Second Life lies not in the palm of what Project Sansar does or doesn’t do, it lies in the hands of what Second Life residents do and if enough Second Life residents want a Second Life, Linden Lab will keep the lights on. Many products have defied sell by dates, Floppy Disks and VHS being two glaring examples. Second Life could very well join that club and not only defy predictions, it could very well eat the cannibals that are circling it.”

No, because you guys have switched CEO’s so many times. It goes from one person to another. Who knows how long before your next “CEO” is moved it’s basically like clockwork. Each time someone doesn’t work out they are pushed out. It’s the same thing that’s happening to your game. “A dog eat dog world” as they would say where one person higher in the food chain eats the next. Needless to say you have shown that pretty well without needing other people to expose it.

Your companies a mess, and your whole networks a mess. You can’t sit there and say we aren’t going to have Sansar eat or take over SL. I mean yeah, you have recounted and said that SL is bigger then Sansar. But what about when SL becomes to much of a chain pulling you along? Will Sansar take over and eat over the SL? Or will SL just be lowered to standards and hidden from the virtual worlds? This article has no blatant or stimulant points that make any sense. It just proves they are making every effort to say hay, were not closing down were going to have our cake and eat it to. It won’t really work acting like that for long. I can see this falling and crashing and just burning slowly.

And I will be there to watch a you crash and burn, regardless weather you think it’s a “success” or not.




  1. Well said · December 4, 2015

    Good to see that people have an actual brain and speak up instead of letting the fan bloggers tell them what they have to think. These Lindens are up to no good and are telling lies to the public. Now they are being exposed and people do not take it anymore.

    With their latest TOS update you aren’t even allowed to speak anymore or they will ban your account they say. It is like a dictatorship or a prison. Who wants to use such a service anyway.


  2. Observer · December 4, 2015

    Wow, an anonymous OpenSim evangelist who try to excogitate negative arguments against Linden Lab and Second Life. That is so is quite obvious that everyone will smile. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should start a job as a teller of fairy tales. They are welcome around Christmas time. O.o


    • Second Life Resident · December 4, 2015

      Although your comment is snide and resentful I will go on saying I don’t really use Open sim and I only support majorities of networks that are truthful with their customers and clients. LL have not been truthful to as why i have approved your comment. I don’t really agree with it but free speech should exist and should be outspoken no matter how much garbage people speak.

      I am here to blog and to tell the truth, and if you don’t like the fact I tell the truth then so be it. 🙂


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